CarbonLeaf Consulting


Discipline and focus keep CarbonLeaf Consulting on track, so that we keep your company on track. Most cleantech companies need to raise capital from investors wary of risk, only to face the daunting challenge of creating new markets with new products, or disrupting large, mature markets. Wait too long and you burn too much capital, or run the risk that someone else beats you to the market. Money and time are two things you don’t have enough of, so you better move wisely and quickly.

We develop focused, fact-based business and marketing plans that put cleantech companies on the path to profitability. We do this quickly and efficiently. CarbonLeaf Consulting has been hired to develop comprehensive plans and to complete key sections of a plan. We tailor our work to meet your needs, by focusing on activities critical to your company’s success.

  • Define the problem and its solution (your product or service)
  • Evaluate, prioritize and select target markets
  • Identify which customer group has the pain
  • Collect evidence to prove that the pain is real, including customer interviews and secondary data
  • Determine if the solution works, if customers will buy it, and what they will pay for it
  • Determine how the target customer group makes buying decisions
  • Compare your product to competitive products based upon customers’ key buying factors
  • Create compelling value propositions
  • Develop lists of channel partners, target customers and key decision-makers
  • Develop a strategy to gain market awareness, persuade customers and set up distribution
  • Define strategic initiatives and resources required to meet corporate financial goals
  • Define risks and a plan to mitigate them
  • Develop budgets and roll-up financial projections