CarbonLeaf Consulting

Case Studies

Harvest Power

Produces energy and soil products from organic waste

View Clean Harbors Case Study

Imperative Energy

Builds renewable biomass-to-energy plants

View Clean Harbors Case Study

Converted Organics

Converted Organics – Converts food waste into organic fertilizer


TerraSphere – Builds, owns and operates vertical farms in cities

View TerraSphere Case Study

Encendia Biochar

Encendia Biochar – Upcycles organic waste into biochar

View Encendia Biochar Case Study


ThermoEnergy – Recovers ammonia from wastewater streams

View ThermEnergy Case Study


Metabolix – Manufactures biobased, biodegradable plastics

View Metabolix Case Study


ThermoForte – Manufactures materials that improve efficiency of underground electric transmission

View THermoForte Case Study

Clean Harbors – Recovers valuable chemicals from waste streams

View Clean Harbors Case Study