CarbonLeaf Consulting


Advanced Materials

Companies with technologies that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide sustainable substitutes for petroleum-based products for the energy, chemicals and plastics industries.

Conservation & Efficiency

Companies with technologies or business models that facilitate the more efficient use of natural resources and improve corporate profitability in manufacturing, energy, transportation, waste, water, and buildings industries.

Energy Technology

Companies with technologies that contribute to a more efficient and profitable energy sector (traditional and alternative energy markets) by addressing energy security, economic stability, and environmental stewardship challenges.

Resource Recovery

Companies with technologies that convert waste streams into valuable products that are then sold into a variety of end markets, thus reducing natural resource consumption and extending landfill capacities.

Sustainable Agriculture

Companies with technologies that improve crop yields and reduce conventional agriculture’s consumption of energy and water resources, thus minimizing its’ impact on climate change.

Water Purification

Companies with technologies that increase the supply of disease-free water for drinking and agriculture in order to meet demand brought on by global population growth.